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LeaderSpringstar's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 21 (From 4 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 480 Points


A bigger fish Unlocked 4/12/17
5 Points
Destroy a cruiser ship
Getting cocky Unlocked 4/4/17
5 Points
Destroy a battle ship
One-off Unlocked 4/4/17
5 Points
Destroy a speed ship
Onslaught Unlocked 4/4/17
5 Points
Fight against 30 ships at the same time
Powered up Unlocked 4/4/17
5 Points
Make your first upgrade
Start your engines Unlocked 4/4/17
5 Points
Play for the first time
Another chance Unlocked 4/4/17
10 Points
Try again after being defeated
Block this! Unlocked 4/4/17
10 Points
Destroy an energy ship
Barrager Unlocked 4/12/17
25 Points
Get the max upgrade of the rockets
Boomstick Unlocked 4/12/17
25 Points
Get the max upgrade of the shotgun
Persistent Unlocked 4/4/17
25 Points
Try again 15 times
Pi Unlocked 4/12/17
25 Points
Get more than 31415 points
Crusader 25 Points Get the max upgrade of the cannons
Dangerous 25 Points Destroy an elite battle ship
Not so fast 25 Points Destroy an elite speed ship
Superhot 25 Points Get the max upgrade of the machinegun
A matter of time 50 Points Survive at least for 2 minutes
Backstabber 50 Points Destroy a cannon ship
Cold war 50 Points Destroy a war fan ship
Over the top 100 Points Be the best of All-Time at least once

Medals Earned: 12/20 (150/500 points)

Devoured Intellect

BRUTAL EXECUTION Unlocked 5/8/17
25 Points
You Successfully Carried Out The Work of the Justice System
Don't Pick At It Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/2 (25/35 points)

Nothing To Hide

BE SOMEBODY Unlocked 4/6/17
5 Points
Run away, and begin your escape.
Support & Share Unlocked 4/6/17
5 Points
Support us, or share this satire of social media on social media.
Self Surveillance Unlocked 4/6/17
10 Points
Complete the "Moving iEye" levels
BE NOBODY Unlocked 4/6/17
100 Points
Yay, you completed the whole demo! You dissident!
Slidewalking 25 Points Complete the "Slidewalk" levels
An Act of Activation 50 Points Complete the "Activating iEye" levels

Medals Earned: 4/6 (120/195 points)

Reimagine :The Game:

Death By Slow Internet Unlocked 4/10/17
10 Points
Get 1000 points on the Preloader game. YOU MONSTER
Unzipping in the No-Fly Zone Unlocked 4/10/17
25 Points
Finish one third of the levels.
Charged With Battery Unlocked 4/10/17
50 Points
Finish two thirds of the levels.
The End The Game Unlocked 4/10/17
100 Points
Finish all the levels... Oh, but that's JUST the levels!
Finding Out Who Your REAL Friends Are 5 Points Share this game! Your REAL friends will weep for you.
Baby I Was Born To Survive 25 Points Pass Lady Gaga The Game without dying.
BWOOOOONG 25 Points Complete Inception The Game in under 30 seconds.
Not That Dying On Lost MEANS Dying On Lost 25 Points Pass LOST THE GAME (haha) without dying.
So Vivid And Intense 25 Points Pass Rainbows The Game without dying.
Too Soon, Finish Late 25 Points Survive Earthquakes The Game for 30 seconds.
Viewer Number 301 25 Points Complete Youtube The Game in under 15 seconds.
EVERYONE IS YOU 100 Points Unlock EVERYTHING. Now, you can play the game as your OWN character. SUCCESS.

Medals Earned: 4/12 (185/440 points)